Four Reasons to Consider SD-WAN

As technology has become more sophisticated, enterprise IT has become more complex. Cloud adoption continues to rise, providing critical infrastructure and applications. Enterprises have become more geographically diverse to meet the needs of their customers. Legacy networks often struggle to keep up with increasing demands for secure communications, cloud access, bandwidth utilization and cost optimization.

Enterprise IT teams may want to evaluate how managed SD-WAN providers deliver business value to help protect and transform the enterprise WAN edge. Here are four reasons why SD-WAN may make sense for your enterprise:

#1 – Securing the Distributed Edge

Consider the benefits of unified visibility for network and security functions from a secure SD-WAN fabric built for data protection. Unified control and visibility of traffic is especially useful for applications that benefit from Direct Internet Access (DIA) at the branch (e.g., Office 365), and Internet WAN links vulnerable to attacks.

#2 – Scaling to Cloud Seamlessly

The importance of direct connectivity to the cloud on a reliable, secure and low latency network is critical for high-performance cloud computing. SD-WAN direct internet access eliminates the trombone effect so traffic from remote locations isn’t backhauled to the corporate data centre before exiting to the Internet. This approach eliminates latency and improves the user experience.

#3 – Enhancing Edge Application Experience

Secure SD-WANs are application, user, device and payload aware, creating unique Application QoS driven policies for mission-critical traffic. The result is stronger performance, avoiding congestion by dynamically adapting to changing network conditions.

#4 – Cost Effectively Connect to Remote Sites

SD-WAN supports a hybrid solution. Keep your MPLS connections for critical, high bandwidth locations like headquarters and data centres while using low-cost internet with IPSec to reach your smaller remote sites securely.

Zayo and Versa Networks have partnered to provide a secure cloud-native, multi-tenant, multi-service SD-WAN solution. Zayo’s wholly owned, Tier 1, global fibre network, combined with Versa’s next generation software that integrates cloud, networking and security services offers a dynamic SD-WAN solution for enterprise that includes multiple access and failover options.

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