Partner with Zayo

Zayo’s Channel Partner Program

For more information on becoming a Channel Partner, sign up here or send an email to Click here to download our Business Partner Agreement (“BPA”).

If you are an existing Channel Partner, contact your Partner Account Manager for assistance on the new BPAClick here to download the BPA Addendum which protects your legacy base and residuals.

Achieve Diamond Status and Earn 18% Residual Commissions

Zayo’s Partners typically receive between 14-18% of the recurring revenue associated with their orders. The payout tiers are:

Payout Tier Residual
Diamond 18%
Platinum 17%
Gold 16%
Silver 15%
Bronze 14%

Zayo assigns and periodically updates payout tiers for each Partner based on (a) the strength of the strategic relationship between the Partner and Zayo, (b) the organic growth rate in recent quarters, and (c) the Partner’s aggregate Monthly Recurring Revenue (“MRR”). Your Partner Account Manager will engage with you individually to provide an initial tier and discuss the path to achieving and maintaining the upper tiers over time.

Agency Accounts

Where special relationships between Partners and joint Customers exist, Zayo will focus its sales resources on the Partner Channel. Specifically, Zayo will designate these Customers as Agency Accounts and, provided that agency status is maintained, Zayo will not sell directly to these Customers.

Zayo’s Partner Account Managers will collaborate with our Partners to gain momentum on Agency Accounts. They will ensure that our Partners and the Agency Accounts benefit from full access to Zayo’s products and technical resources to assist in the sales process.

Do you have Customers that are candidates for the Agency Accounts program?  If so, please contact your Partner Account Manager or inquire at

Zayo’s House Accounts

Our Partners can sell Zayo’s services to nearly all existing and prospective Customers. The only Customer accounts where a Partner is restricted are published on a House Accounts list. Please contact your Partner Account Manager or inquire at to request the House Accounts list.

If you believe you could add value by working with Zayo on a House Account, please contact your Partner Account Manager or inquire at We welcome collaboration on House Accounts where the Partner can amplify Zayo’s relationship.