Zayo Launches Tranzact 3.0

Tranzact, Zayo’s application for shopping, purchasing and managing communications infrastructure, has completed the launch of version 3.0. The new version features major redesign and new customer-focused capabilities.

Zayo-Public Cloud Computing
The World’s Smartest Cities

With its dense metro fiber in metropolitan markets in North America and Western Europe, Zayo is well positioned to provide the infrastructure – and is actively engaged in dialogue with municipalities and other organizations in the emerging smart city space.

Celebrating the Achievements of Women in Tech

A few weeks ago it was the Third Annual Women in IT Awards in London. Zayo has been a sponsor of the event for  the past three years, and we are proud to see it grow from about 300 people attending in 2015 to the more than 1000 attendees this year.

Fibre and The Internet: a reassuring constant in a changing world

Twenty-five years ago last week, British scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee and his team published, for free, the protocols that would create the public Internet. A quarter of a century seems like barely a blink of the eye, but what Berners-Lee unleashed that day has had a profound impact on our lives. Just look at the first ever Internet page to see how far we’ve come.

The Changing Role of the CIO

A decade or two ago, CIOs typically managed locally-hosted infrastructure and networks. Today, mobile devices have replaced mainframes. Digital and web technology has powered a host of options, including colocation and the cloud. And demand for bandwidth and processing power has never been greater.

Zayo Enters 10th Year in Business

In late 2006, Dan Caruso and a small team, including current execs Matt Erickson and Sandi Mays, secured modest office space above Nick-N-Willy’s Pizza just east of the Boulder Mall. The entrepreneurs, all telecom veterans, focused on a trend that would underpin Zayo’s investment thesis: Demand for fibre bandwidth was exploding, driven by global expansion of the Internet — and its growth trajectory appeared to be unalterable.

7 Things to Consider When Building a Hybrid Cloud

We’re not shy about our enthusiasm for hybrid cloud solutions. With their combination of enterprise cloud, managed hosting and data center colocation, hybrid cloud solutions often deliver the best possible mix of flexibility, scalability and performance — if they’re configured correctly.

3 Times Disaster Recovery Saved The Day: Pt III

For the final installment of our series, 3 Times Disaster Recovery Saved the Day, we hear from an IT firm that was able to prevent a malicious trojan from taking down a Chicago-based transportation and logistics company, as well as the dangerous consequences that could result from not fully implementing a DR strategy.

Expanding Our Global Communications Infrastructure

Last Monday, we announced an agreement to acquire Allstream, a Canadian business with more than 18,000 intercity and metro route miles across Canada. Allstream has metro fiber and colocation facilities concentrated in its top five markets – Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and Calgary. Pending customary approvals, we expect the transaction to close in the first quarter of calendar year 2016.

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