Celebrating the Achievements of Women in Tech

A few weeks ago it was the Third Annual Women in IT Awards in London. This event is the world’s largest event dedicated to showcasing the achievements and innovation of women in technology, identifying new role models and promoting further dialogue around diversity among industry influencers.

Zayo has been a sponsor of the event for  the past three years, and we are proud to see it grow from about 300 people attending in 2015 to the more than 1000 attendees this year.

Women in IT Awards 2017One of the keynote speeches was given by Sir Alex Younger, the Head of MI6 or also known as ‘C’. In his speech, he said that in the current world where ‘operational technology defies the imagination of spy writers’, even MI6 needs a more diverse workforce to be relevant. Sir Alex also confirmed that the real life ‘Q’ is actually a woman.

Currently, there is a digital skills gap in the UK, a gap that could potentially cost us our position as global technology leader. While the progress s of women in the technology is undeniable, there is still much work to do close this gap and to increase women’s full participation in tech.

It’s promising that many companies are making diversity and inclusion a priority. Studies indicate that more diverse companies are measurably more productive and innovative. Zayo, for example, has an initiative to improve our gender balance. It’s both leader-led and grassroots driven: we have three women on our board of directors and women are well-represented in leadership roles. When we hire, we make a point to include women in the consideration set. In some of our teams including our IT organisation, led by technology veteran Sandi Mays, women already outnumber men. We’re making a point to extend Sandi’s best practices to the rest of our global organisation. We also are committed to working on “pipeline” issues, supporting programs for girls and women in tech.

IMG_0620Zayo’s high-capacity network, of course, helps make this progress possible.From healthcare companies sharing MRI data between sites to schools utilising bandwidth to provide the latest online resources for students, Zayo’s infrastructure supports innovation and inclusivity. For more information on the Women in IT Awards and this year’s winners please visit http://womeninitawards.com/