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The Future of Healthcare Includes Zayo

As healthcare is moving from a treatment-based model to a preventative, value-based one, more hospital networks are implementing new technologies to collaborate, diagnose and work toward more effective, patient-centered outcomes.

UCHealth, an award-winning Colorado health system, is at the front lines of this movement. They need access to new technologies, with the ability to scale, securely. That’s why Zayo is proud to announce its recent partnership with UCHealth to strategically build out a technological infrastructure and handle the demands of this changing healthcare landscape.

We custom designed a solution by first evaluating UCHealth’s specific needs in the context of the larger industry. Their challenges include:

Healthcare is a growing industry, and technology is a catalyst. As UCHealth’s footprint increases, their patient and workforce demands will also increase and their bandwidth security needs will exponentially rise.

The healthcare landscape is increasingly digital, including new technologies for telehealth, imaging, video, patient services, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), lab systems, Picture Archiving and Communication (PACS), and revenue cycle management. These are bandwidth intensive, high-performing environments, and UCHealth needs to stay competitive.

Security, Latency and Reliability
Healthcare organizations manage life-saving data that needs to be accessed when time is of the essence. This information needs to be stored securely and transferred quickly.

Together, in collaboration with the experts at UCHealth, Zayo developed a customized, infinitely scalable solution that positioned the health system for technological growth, featuring Zayo’s comprehensive network and infrastructure services, including colocation and dark fiber.

The landscape of healthcare is changing faster than many organizations can keep up with. UCHealth has made the commitment to adapt quickly through technology. We’re honored to be a part of that commitment.

Check out the press release for more information.

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