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Scalable Solutions for Accelerators and Startups

Zayo’s network powers top tier startups, accelerators and incubators around the world. As a startup itself 10 years ago, Zayo understands what it takes to scale a company and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Here are a few ways Zayo can help:

  • Partner on Startup Events
  • Tap into Co-Working Space Connectivity
  • Match with Experienced Zayo Mentors
  • Shop Tranzact– Buying Bandwidth has Never Been This Easy
  • Learn Best Practices on Hybrid Solutions
  • Maximize your Growth with Access to Zayo’s Global Network and Data Centers

Zayo in the Startup Community

Zayo was founded in Boulder, Colorado, a startup and innovation hub. Zayo is committed to supporting the entrepreneurial and technology community — and accelerating capabilities for customers around the globe by providing communications infrastructure.

By collaborating with accelerators and co-working spaces to establish fast and reliable connectivity, colocation and cloud infrastructure, Zayo enables startups to continue to push the limits of technology and expand in exciting ways.

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Communications infrastructure is the foundation for the digital economy, facilitating the connectivity that is essential for thriving businesses and communities. Zayo offers an unmatched ability to scale as your startup grows from an idea to a successful business. When your business is taking off, you can be confident that your infrastructure can keep up.




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Zayo is dedicated to active involvement in the startup community and enabling global innovation. Please let us know what questions you have about Partnership Opportunities with Zayo.