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Our increasingly connected world demands better network performance, higher reliability and greater reach from the wireline industry.

We’re focused on helping meet these needs with our high-capacity fiber backbone that includes 10.7 million fiber miles in the United States and Europe.

Our long-haul network reaches eight countries and 46 states and is connected to strategic regional networks, providing a unique Tier-1 IP footprint in growing markets. Meanwhile, our dense intercity networks deliver scalable, high-bandwidth connectivity to carriers and enterprise customers in metro areas.

We’re also a leading global provider of dark fiber solutions, which offer dedicated bandwidth and provide customers with direct control of their networks so they can increase capacity on their own timeline. Dark fiber customers also benefit from favorable ownership economics that deliver flexible, cost-effective solutions.

For our cable TV partners, we deliver fiber-based bandwidth to head-ends, satellite uplink facilities and colocation facilities.

Our products are designed to move, store and process voice, video and data traffic; and that’s critical for the bundled services that are generating current subscriber growth.

Zayo’s Connectivity Solutions

  • Fiber connectivity between cable, media and content facilities
  • Latency-sensitive routes on diverse, company-owned fiber
  • Data center and CDN connectivity, with interconnections with every major wireline carrier
  • Wavelength: DWDM G, 2.5G, 10G or 100G with options for Dedicated Network and Build-Operate-Transfer
  • Ethernet: MEF-Certified Ethernet across our lit footprint, including last mile connectivity through point-to-multipoint configurations
  • IP Solutions: Tier-1 IP network for IP Transit, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and IP-VPN
  • SONET: protected, dedicated connection for data, video and voice
  • Carrier-Neutral Colocation and Interconnection: dedicated facilities to house components and connect to external networks

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