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Zayo delivers innovative high-bandwidth network solutions to meet some of the most complex challenges of the energy industry.

Our scalable, reliable and fully customizable bandwidth infrastructure options enable oil and gas companies to address their big data network issues, such as seismic surveys and HD video monitoring. We also help them with everything from integrated disaster-recovery solutions to dedicated private networks or Tier-1 IP solutions.

The energy sector is generating a tremendous amount of raw and synthesized data for mission-critical programs that require the support of a complex global network.

We meet these hefty bandwidth requirements via our international fiber optic network. Near real-time business analytics programs can process the vast collection of data from the field to support business intelligence efforts. However, bandwidth bottlenecks can degrade these efforts.

Zayo helps prevent these problems with custom and cost-effective network solutions.

Whether our clients want to stream media from remote offices, access bandwidth-intensive applications from the cloud or simply share large files securely, we have the expertise and knowledge to enable a bottleneck-free bandwidth reality. Our solutions better equip oil and gas companies to meet their needs faster, more securely and with more control.

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