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Content and Media

Every day the booming digital content industry drives an enormous volume of data – from music, movies and games to software downloads and streaming.

More sports, news and events are being broadcast live. Gaming and e-sports are growing and even integrating live events. Media and content delivery is increasingly “over the top,” streaming HD-quality video to a growing number of personal and mobile devices.

All of this content needs to captured, managed, stored and distributed. That’s where Zayo comes in.

Zayo has a deep fiber footprint, enabling high-bandwidth diverse network solutions that maximize uptime, quality and security for your media workflow. We have interconnections with major networks, movie production facilities, wireless providers and CATV and MSOs – plus a strong presence in major news, sports and entertainment markets. We’re also providing infrastructure for major CDN providers and the customers they serve.

Our extensive network assets and deep industry expertise enable us to engineer solutions that meet your needs. Our low-latency network ensures fast, reliable transmission. Plus, we can provide flexible, scalable solutions because we own the underlying fiber infrastructure.

Zayo Managed Video Network

  • Managed video solutions available over a dedicated network of dark fiber, wavelengths or Ethernet
  • Solutions for CDN and Edge Networks
  • Transport native, uncompressed video over DWDM up to 100G or Ethernet up to 10G
  • Support uncompressed and compressed SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G SDI, DVB-ASI video signals
  • Video signals and Ethernet data, control channels aggregated on the same wavelength
  • Unicast and Multicast applications
  • Video signal encryption options

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