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E-Rate & K-12

Educational infrastructure for your advanced learning technology

Technology is bringing exciting new multimedia resources to the classroom, including digital curricula, online streaming resources and more. Advanced communications infrastructure is making this possible, providing the high-speed bandwidth to connect classrooms, educators and administrators.

As an experienced E-Rate Service Provider (SPIN 143023855) with a designated team of education network experts, we’ve helped school districts across the country improve their technology.

Taking the Limits Out of Learning


Zayo’s fiber-based infrastructure is transforming the classroom with interconnected networks that power advances in learning. We work closely with you to define and design the best solution for your needs — dark fiber or lit fiber-based offerings, including wavelengths, Ethernet or dedicated internet access (DIA). School systems lean on our expertise in designing and implementing dark or lit fiber-based private solutions.

Connecting Classrooms

To date, we’ve implemented E-Rate-funded solutions across 13 states, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Texas, Utah and Washington.

Learn how Zayo is bringing higher bandwidth capabilities to the Denver Public School System


Cutting Edge Solutions

We invest heavily in the K-12 space by working with education providers and school districts nationwide to build cutting-edge, high-speed internet solutions.


Dark Fiber.
Fiber from existing infrastructure or new construction

E-LAN and E-Line from 100 Mb to 100 Gb

Dedicated Internet Access.
Up to 100 Gb on Zayo’s Tier-1 network

Hybrid Solutions.
Dark and lit fiber-based solutions from the same vendor


Cloud Infrastructure.
Public, Private, Managed Solutions, Dedicated Servers

Data center space and power

DDoS Mitigation.
Advanced detection and scrubbing centers

Disaster Recovery.
Data protection Backups, Storage, Workload Replication and Geo-Clustering


*Not eligible for E-Rate funding

How We Stack Up

  • E-Rate certified service provider, SPIN 143023855
  • Deep metro fiber
  • Scalable solutions that adapt to the needs of classrooms
  • Support and management of fiber optic networks providing high-capacity bandwidth and reliability
  • Network convergence – integration that allows us to deliver better service at a lower cost
  • Long contract terms that allow you to capitalize network expenses
  • Connectivity for multiple schools to using carrier grade network topology
  • E-Rate specialists who understand how to obtain maximum E-Rate reimbursement for network solutions

Expand your bandwidth capabilities with our E-rate for K12 solutions

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