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Ad Tech

High-performance Connectivity to Power Real-time Bidding

Today’s ad tech leaders are relying more heavily on high-volume data collection and analysis in order to get the right message in front of the right audience – all within milliseconds. First and third-party data collection are powering stronger real-time bidding (RTB) results, but data sovereignty, load times, and privacy concerns are all networking challenges today’s ad tech companies face.

Zayo offers a robust communications infrastructure solution built to provide ad tech companies with high-bandwidth, low-latency network connectivity. Leverage Zayo’s global fiber backbone of over 12M fiber miles to improve your competitive advantage.


Low-latency and Predictable Network Routes

Decrease your ad-delivery and content-load times through predictable network routes between enterprise locations, data centers and the cloud. Stay one step ahead of your competition by leveraging Zayo’s extensive fiber footprint to optimize latency and quickly move real-time, mission-critical data.

Scale Quickly and Easily

Zayo’s storage solutions include colocation, private cloud, and direct public cloud connectivity allowing you to scale your infrastructure effectively while keeping costs down. Easily manage your increasing storage needs including first & third-party data powering digital delivery platforms, over-the-top (OTT) content and video streaming media.

Resilient and Secure Connectivity

Rely on Zayo’s core network to transport critical data and workloads (especially consumer information subject to GDPR standards) and rest easy knowing your data-in-motion is secure, private and protected. Implement a high-performance connection to top cloud providers and data centers to access speeds of up to 100G.

Our global fiber communications infrastructure and portfolio of data centers are ideally suited to meet the accelerating need for high-capacity fiber and high-performance connectivity that serve as the network backbone of the ad tech industry.

Storage Solutions

Maintain large amounts of assets and client data

Network Services

Connect all your locations to the internet and cloud providers


Connect to thousands of data centers, on-net buildings and service providers across North America and Europe

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