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When Every Millisecond Counts

The fastest path between two points is a straight line. This premise is what drove the development of an ambitious direct fiber route from Chicago to New York completed by Spread Networks in 2010. This groundbreaking fiber route was designed to provide the lowest possible latency for high-frequency trading, hedge funds and global banks — where every millisecond matters.

Today, with the addition of even faster microwave routes, the network remains the gold standard for speed, service and reliability. And Zayo intends to build on this foundation, adding new options for ultra-low and low latency solutions through its new business segment, Spread Networks by Zayo.

Spread’s flagship network also completes Zayo’s coast-to-coast low-latency lit routes and provides access points to key financial exchanges in North America, Europe and to Asia-Pacific and Latin America through our global reach partnerships. Financial institutions, content, media and cloud providers will all benefit from the focus on high-speed, reliable, diverse dark fiber and wavelength connectivity.

The combination of Spread’s unique capabilities and Zayo’s extensive fiber footprint can enable you to deploy best-in-class solutions.

Ultra-Low Latency (ULL) Flagship Route

The Spread Networks by Zayo flagship route connects key financial institutions in Chicago and New York via its high-bandwidth, ULL route. The network was designed from the ground up and built on state-of-the-art TrueWave RS Fiber to ensure optimal performance and future capacity demands. Customers can also leverage the latest microwave transmission technologies in selected areas for guaranteed bandwidth allocation, from 100Mbps up to 1Gbps, for faster than fiber data delivery options. The network is proactively monitored 24/7/365 both in the field and in our network operations center.

Low-Latency Long Haul Routes

Spread’s flagship route complements and completes Zayo’s other low-latency long-haul routes. Zayo now provides a fully owned, low-latency wavelength route from Seattle to New York, the fastest path available. Traffic to and from Asia, which connects through cable landing stations in the Pacific Northwest, is also express connected via the combination of Zayo existing fiber routes and the Spread route.

A Global End-to-End Solution

Beyond next generation fiber optic connectivity that spans the continental US, Zayo can also expand your reach across 45 countries. Zayo’s extensive dark fiber network and wide-ranging partner solutions provide access points to key financial exchanges in Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Europe.

One Click Network Expansion

Only Zayo allows its customers to plan, configure, purchase and manage bandwidth via its innovative Tranzact platform, allowing you to seamlessly add capacity or other network resources in just minutes.


Our dedicated dark-fiber route features the fastest, ultra-low latency connection speeds between New York and Chicago, with roundtrip data transport averaging about 13 milliseconds.


The Spread Network was built for the most demanding performance requirements and is optimized for resilience at every level.


Easy access to our extensive global fiber network and infrastructure, data centers and cloud providers.

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