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Small Cell


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Small Cell

Increasing data demands on mobile networks requires network densification and Zayo offers complete turnkey Small Cell solutions. Efficient, cost effective small cell deployments require comprehensive and flexible solutions including:

  • Project Management
  • Search Area Candidate Selection Acquisition and Agreements
  • Regulatory Zoning, Planning, and Permitting
  • Fiber & Node Engineering
  • Small Cell Hardware & Antenna Installation
  • System Testing and Optimization
  • Remote Hands Maintenance
  • A Dedicated 24×7 NOC

Small Cell deployments are complex and require the coordination of many disciplines, and Zayo’s expertise provides a one stop shop. Zayo specializes in:

  • Backhaul
  • Site Acquisition
  • Deployment
  • Management

Flexible Small Cell Backhaul

  • Dark fiber, traditional point-to-point Ethernet, and burstable Ethernet backhaul
  • Line-of-Site (LOS) and Non-Line-of-Site (NLOS) microwave solutions employed when necessary
  • Variety of network architectures, including traditional point-to-point, ring, hub & spoke, and Distributed RAN (aka D-RAN, Cloud RAN, C-RAN, and Fronthaul)
  • Flexible solutions that enable customers’ unique heterogeneous network (Het-Net) requirements

Processes Optimized For Small Cell Site Acquisition

  • Substantial experience procuring attachment rights from municipalities, utilities and private entities
  • Proven ability to secure ROW, conduit, attachment rights, and power

Rapid Small Cell Deployment, Installation, and Testing

  • Dedicated team of experienced professionals who work to minimize installation time
  • Extensive experience constructing new fiber network
  • The ability to leverage deep metro fiber assets to shorten the delivery time

Vendor-Neutral Small Cell Deployment, Install, Testing and Management

  • Dedicated 24×7 NCC
  • 300+ field personnel for emergency response, and ongoing maintenance and component upgrades

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