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Colocation Data Centers


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zColo Colocation Solutions

zColo has a colocation solution that’s right for you.

zColo by Zayo offers colocation data center facilities in nearly 30 markets worldwide.  Whether you’re looking for:

  1. Scalable, highly redundant infrastructure
  2. Carrier hotels in the heart of the central business district
  3. Or a mixture of both





Square Feet

zColo offers the best in professional colocation:

Space & Power

From single cabinets to complex suites, our data center facilities have flexible space and power options to meet your individual infrastructure needs.


We provide a full suite of connectivity offerings from intra-building to cross-country.

With nearly 11 million route miles of Zayo fiber globally, zColo can offer extremely creative and cost-effective solutions like no one else.

Remote Hands

Our highly trained and professional technical staff becomes an extension of your IT organization.

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Remote Hands Flyer

Hybrid Cloud

Whether you have applications that need IaaS now or think you may need it in the future, hybrid cloud offers flexible terms to accommodate the design you need today and in the future.

AICPA Compliant
GLBA Compliant
HIPAA Compliant
PCI Compliant
SAS Type II SOC I Compliant

zColo is also incredibly easy to work with.

Whether you have applications that need IaaS now or think you may need it in the future,  hybrid cloud offers flexible terms to accommodate the design you need today and in the future.

Choose the zColo by Zayo facility near you. We offer location solutions in 29 markets with a strong footprint in top and edge markets. Our carrier neutral connectivity accesses 70+ on the largest ISP’s in the word. With over 1 million critical square feet, we have a location near you and a solution to meet any colocation needs.

Documents & Datasheets

Whitepaper: The Right Colocation Provider Can Be A Strategic Differentiator
An overview of key ways colocation providers can support a company’s overall IT strategy.

Whitepaper: Surviving Sandy: How zColo can help your company prepare for any disaster
An in-depth look at how zColo offers our customers excellent disaster recovery solutions in the worst of conditions.

Whitepaper: Speed, Scalability Savings: How Ad Tech Gains A Competitive Edge with zColo
Advertising Technology, as well as many other online services, relay on speed to deliver business-critical content to their customers. See how they are balancing their need for speed with controlling costs.

Datasheet: Remote Hands Services

Videos & Webinars

Video: 8 Reasons Why zColo
Randi Pilon, Director of Product Management, zColo, gives you 8 reasons why you should choose zColo by Zayo for your data center needs.

Recorded Webinar: Disaster Recovery: Best Practices & Lessons Learned
VP of zColo, TJ Karklins, discusses how cutting-edge companies are overhauling their disaster recovery infrastructure design to become more resilient and flexible.

Video: Benefits of Being a zColo Anchor Tenant
Former VP of zColo, Greg Friedman, discusses how companies get exactly what they want when they become the first tenant of a brand new zColo facility.

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