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Dark Fiber in Salt Lake City


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Direct, Low-Latency Connectivity on a Unique Metro Fiber Footprint

Zayo’s dark fiber network is secure, scalable and predictable. More than 50% of our dense metro fiber network in Salt Lake City is unique and uncompromised by a joint or common facility. Zayo does not rely on long haul PoPs in the DeLong, Harold Gatty or Social Hall buildings, enabling direct and low-latency network connectivity.

Leverage our full suite of solutions including dark fiber, transport and colocation for flexible and cost-effective connectivity for you and your customers. Our unique fiber options provide direct and low-latency routes to Provo or Ogden by avoiding the I-15 trench—don’t let competitor traffic delay your connection.









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Fiber Solutions

Zayo’s network solutions are delivered via redundant routers (dual core and dual aggregation) over fiber routes that are not single-threaded.

Fiber Connectivity

Zayo fully owns and manages connectivity west through Reno and east to Denver (under construction). Connect north and south through additional leased routes.

5G Infrastructure

We are continuously expanding our mobile infrastructure presence. With established connectivity to over 250 small cells, our dense fiber footprint is well-positioned to provide backhaul to meet the demand for extended cellular frequency coverage and smart city capabilities in Salt Lake City.

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