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Advanced Fiber Monitoring


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Real-time Fiber Assurance

Zayo Advanced Fiber Monitoring puts the power of our most advanced monitoring capabilities to work 24/7 to help you identify, isolate, and remediate potential problems with your fiber infrastructure to reduce downtime impact to your critical services.

Driving Performance Through Proactive Monitoring

If you manage a fiber network of any scale, network disruptions come with the territory. Whether it’s errant construction crews, animals digging and chewing through lines or vehicles damaging utility poles, there are countless ways that critical fiber optic lines can be damaged.

While there might be no way to prevent these and other types of network disruptions, proactive monitoring of your network can ensure that you are as prepared as possible for the unexpected. With Zayo’s 24/7 Advanced Fiber Monitoring, you can detect disruptive fiber cuts and other performance degradation issues immediately so you can solve the issue and restore service as quickly as possible.

Zayo Advanced Fiber Monitoring utilizes a remotely manageable OTDR device along with a passive filter system that dramatically improves the ability to diagnose and isolate issues on the same fibers as your service. Our monitoring rides on the same fibers with impacting throughput or performance.

Zayo Advanced Fiber Monitoring offers:

  • Simplicity: Zayo offers streamlined and simplified solutions with a single point of contact
  • Range of solutions: Layers 0, 1 and 2 – Dark Fiber + Managed Services, Private Wavelength Networks and Private Ethernet Networks
  • Security: Connect high-bandwidth facilities within a metro or between cities with a dedicated fiber and dedicated platforms
  • Cost-effectiveness: Leverage Zayo’s purchasing power and operating scale
  • Coverage: Connectivity in over 370 markets in the United States and Europe
  • Experience: Zayo is the market leader in developing custom solutions for specific customer needs

Service Overview

Proactive Notification Accelerates MTTR

Avoid Time Consuming Fault Isolation

Maximize the Value of Your Fiber Assets


Improve Service Availability
Meet aggressive SLAs and reduce repair times by sending repair teams to the precise cut fiber span

Accelerate Repair Cycles
Passive, non-intrusive, in-band monitoring provide faster OTDR metrics

Ensure Real-Time Fiber Integrity
Proactive, in-band fiber monitoring enables fast remediation

Cost-Efficient Fiber Assurance
Quickly isolate faults and eliminate unnecessary repair efforts

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