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All the Infrastructure You Need, Customized to You

Get an enterprise IT infrastructure with nearly everything – except a high cost of ownership.

Our public cloud solutions offer the freedom to customize an infrastructure to your exact requirements without limiting yourself with costly investments in physical infrastructure. So, deploy secure, scalable IT resources. Invest in one piece of infrastructure. License one software app. Train a single employee. After all, you only pay for what you need.

With our public cloud solutions, you can also:

  • Deploy new technologies in minutes to meet spikes in demand
  • Lower the cost of keeping technologies on the cutting edge
  • Leverage leading-edge technologies without incurring costs
  • Eliminate wasteful over-subscribing just to handle intermittent surges
  • Store critical data in our state-of-the-art Tier-3 data centers

Take the 5 Steps to Launch Public Cloud Resources

1. Choose your baseline configuration

Our easy-to-use cloud templates simplify the process.

2. Customize settings to fit your needs

Adjust everything from vCPUs, RAM and storage to IP addresses and operating systems (RedHat, CentOS or Windows) to create your own tailored environment.

3. Select a Quality of Service (QoS) level

Optimize workloads, applications and data you’re moving to the cloud by selecting one of the following:

  • Essential: Tier-3 storage, higher over-subscription of CPU/RAM
  • Select: Hybrid storage, lower over-subscription of CPU/RAM
  • Premium: Tier-2 storage, no over-subscription of CPU/RAM

4. Add Managed Solutions

Increase the value and availability of your cloud-based enterprise with Zayo’s managed security, storage, performance and disaster recovery solutions.

5. Spin up and down resources as needed

Make changes in minutes through your own cloud web portal and be up and running quickly and easily. It’s simple to:

  • Complete our pre-qualification and on-boarding process
  • Customize and deploy a virtualized hosting solution
  • Get help from our Cloud Gurus with migrating and tailoring your cloud solution

Get all the infrastructure you need without maintaining any part of it, ever. Talk to a sales expert >

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