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Delivering maximum system performance, reliability and responsiveness

Poor system performance does more than just frustrate users and reduce productivity. It drives customers away to seek out websites and applications that meet their expectations. With Zayo’s Managed Performance solution, we make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

We combine load balancing, database management, real-time monitoring and reporting to help your systems and applications deliver maximum performance, reliability and responsiveness.

You can count on our IT infrastructure experts to be your eyes, 24/7. Our highly skilled specialists work as part of your team to help you achieve peak performance. They resolve issues before they become problems and give you the peace of mind that your IT infrastructure will be up and running when it matters most.

We Believe That Failure is Not an Option

Our load balancing distributes traffic across physical or virtual servers to improve response times and automatically cease traffic to servers that don’t respond as expected. These solutions provide almost-instant failover support to a disaster recovery site or direct your traffic to multiple geographical sites in an active/active configuration.

Zayo Managed Performance delivers the right combination of technology, processes and people working together to maximize IT uptime, reliability and response.

Don’t have in-house database talent? No problem. Our Database Management Solutions have you covered. They set up and provide ongoing maintenance for SQL and Oracle databases, including the setup of database clustering and disaster recovery, so you can sleep soundly without worrying about the accessibility of your data.

We’ve deployed world-class monitoring and reporting technology across our entire network to provide comprehensive oversight of your IT infrastructure – every minute of every day. We provide you with the tools to proactively monitor your infrastructure as well as extensive and flexible reporting on utilization, backup activity, bandwidth, help desk tickets, web traffic and historical trends of all monitored items. It’s information you can use to gain insight into your solution, plan for capacity, make better infrastructure decisions and demonstrate to stakeholders how IT is supporting enterprise objectives.

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