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Disaster Recovery


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Business Continuity Through Disaster Recovery

Before disaster strikes, plan ahead with Zayo

Having a plan in place to keep your company running in the wake of an outage, technical failure or natural disaster is critical for every business. Whether you have contractual and regulatory obligations to meet, mission-critical operations or financial transactions to protect, Zayo’s suite of disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solutions can help you achieve your business continuity goals.

Zayo will work with you to calculate the true cost downtime can have on your business and create a custom solution tailored to your needs and budget. Not sure where to start?


Disaster recovery where you need it…

Zayo Cloud

Between Zayo Cloud Infrastructure Nodes

Mitigate risk by augmenting your current solution from Zayo Cloud Infrastructure with DR add-ons

zcolo to zayo cloud

zColo to Zayo Cloud Infrastructure Node

As a zColo customer, benefit from the cost savings and peace of mind a cloud-based DR solution can provide

other cloud to zayo

Off-premise Cloud to Zayo Cloud Infrastructure Node

Diversify your environment no matter where your primary data and/or workloads are located

…you decide how little or how much.

We understand that tolerance for downtime varies across data sets and workloads. That’s why Zayo enables you to mix and match various solutions to ensure the perfect fit for your business.

  • Data and Storage Replication
  • Zerto Workload/Application Replication
  • Geoclustering

Replicate data and storage volumes to servers in a remote location, providing access to data in an emergency. There are replication frequencies of 15 minutes, one hour, four hours or 12 hours – a great option for organizations that need both an RPO and RTO of less than 12 hours.

Zayo’s latest Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) technology is built using Zerto, a storage and hypervisor agnostic replication application with options to failover into private or public cloud.

This enables you to achieve a recovery point objective (RPO) of minutes and incredibly fast recovery time objective (RTO) of less than four hours, including fully automated failover. Zayo DR solutions also leverage Data Domain, Avamar, SQL Replication and others.

This DR solution is great for companies with an extraordinarily high cost of downtime, including businesses that process thousands of transactions per hour. Our national data center platform and premium MPLS inter-data center network maintain active/active geoclustered and globally load-balanced sites with nearly instant failover and RPOs and RTOs of effectively zero.

Disaster Recovery Starts Here

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