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Protect Your Data

With data and applications scattered across data centers and cloud environments, you need a flexible, secure, and cost-effective data protection and recovery solution that can scale to meet your future data management requirements. Zayo’s Backup as a Service (BaaS) helps you manage your data as a strategic asset, allowing you to free up IT resources and instead focus on business priorities.

Comprehensive Data Protection

Zayo’s BaaS eliminates the need for fragmented point solutions, providing a complete portfolio of best-in-class data protection capabilities including indexing, change block tracking, deduplication, encryption and VM management.

Availability On-Demand

Don’t let resource and infrastructure constraints hinder your ability to plan for your growing data management capacity needs. Zayo enables you to easily scale your capacity without having to invest in expensive and time consuming infrastructure projects.

Reduce Capital Expenditures

Rationalize your infrastructure spend and eliminate overspending on underutilized backup infrastructure. With Zayo, you pay only for what you need so you can maximize your capital expenditures.


Featuring a fully integrated and unified suite of data management and protection capabilities. Zayo’s federated data approach offers a common and infrastructure- agnostic platform to accelerate recovery, audit and search operations.


Robust security controls such as advanced authentication and encryption protocols are hardwired into Zayo BaaS, ensuring that your critical data and applications are always protected and remain compliant with your changing requirements.


Zayo’s Backup as a Service is designed to ensure flexibility, allowing you to backup and recover your data from a variety of operating environments while supporting all of the leading hardware, apps, public, private and hybrid clouds.

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