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Perspective on the Electric Lightwave Acquisition

This week, Zayo closed the previously announced acquisition of Electric Lightwave, a Vancouver, Washington-based business with unique and complementary fiber assets. The transaction solidifies Zayo’s position as the leading independent communications infrastructure provider with broad geographic reach throughout North America and Western Europe.

This expansion will mean an expanded fiber footprint and capabilities for both Zayo and Electric Lightwave customers. Current Zayo customers will benefit from diverse, high-capacity routes that provide new ways to traverse geographies. Electric Light wave’s unique subsea route, for example, provides connectivity up the southern California coast, with routes into San Luis Obispo, Silicon Valley and north to Sacramento. Its low-latency Las Vegas to Phoenix route carries significant data center traffic for large enterprises, including content and internet companies.

Of particular interest and value to customers: dense metro fiber in new markets in the Pacific Northwest and West, including Portland and Sacramento. Both are important regional markets. As the capital of California, Sacramento is home to the state’s government offices and a large university. Portland, known as the “Silicon Forest,” has a growing reputation as a center for tech and innovation. The transaction will also add density and thousands of access points to buildings and data centers in many western markets, including Seattle, Spokane, Salt Lake and Boise.

For Electric Lightwave’s enterprise customers, the acquisition will mean access to Zayo’s global fiber footprint and infrastructure solutions, including millions of global fiber miles, more than 60 data centers and a portfolio of solutions to help make our customers’ IT infrastructures more efficient, resilient and secure. We are working quickly to offer Zayo’s product portfolio across our entire footprint.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to our combined customer base will be fully integrated solutions that can be put together to meet specific needs – whether it’s a global expansion, low-latency solutions, diverse routes or capacity upgrades. The Tranzact platform will be central to this capability. Electric Lightwave’s footprint has been incorporated into Tranzact so customers can evaluate, price and purchase solutions across the entire network. Tranzact also enables our sales team to consult more effectively for a customized, flexible solution.

We look forward to bringing our combined base of customers the full power of our communications infrastructure. Learn more about what this transaction means for Zayo in this Q&A.