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Object-Based Storage Just Got Better

By Kelly Wong, Product Manager, Cloud Infrastructure

Fast and Easy to Order Storage, Access Data

We fully agree with Marc Benioff’s observation: “Speed is the new currency of business.” It’s why Zayo engineers solutions that enable rapid data transport and access. It’s also why we make it fast and easy to price and order services.

The need for speed is behind two new enhancements for object-based storage (OBS), our “Storage as a Service” offering that enables organizations to store petabytes of data at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage technologies:

  1. It’s now much faster and easier for customers to price and order OBS services over Tranzact, thanks to the team’s introduction of Tranzact 3.0. Customers can now request a quote for 10 terabytes, 100 terabytes even 1 exabyte and beyond and receive an online quote back in a matter of minutes.
  2. Zayo customers can also now access OBS data, even non-active data that’s been filed in long-term storage, in a matter of minutes via the application programming interface. The data can then be used by any connected environment, even the public cloud. Zayo’s integration of IBM’s Cleversafe technology, ranked number one by Gartner, is enabling much of the capability.

Demand for Zayo’s OBS service continues to grow since its introduction last fall. OBS allows organizations to store petabytes of data for archival and secure back-up without paying data ingress and egress fees. It offers varying levels of capacity from a small terabyte-sized store up to multi-petabytes with secure multi-tenancy, available with zero-touch encryption and management APIs. It allows immediate access and long-term file integrity.

Plus, organizations can get performance and usage reports to help manage their changing storage requirements. Zayo’s portfolio of modular cloud infrastructure includes managed compute services, security, turnkey disaster recovery, storage and backup services that can be layered to create custom solutions that optimize performance and cost. Zayo Cloud Storage is designed to keep sensitive data secure by using algorithms that split data into unrecognizable ‘slices,’ which are distributed via network connections to secure nodes in multiple, geographically dispersed Tier III data centers — making it both an efficient and secure solution for data storage.

To learn more, please visit Tranzact. Or call me directly at (303) 330-0955.