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Object-Based Storage and the Rise of Data Volume

Zayo’s Object-Based Storage Offers Cost-effective Storage for Fast-growing Data

Data is growing at an unprecedented rate thanks in part to the Internet of Things, the cloud and the pervasiveness of video. The world’s data volume is expected to grow 40 percent per year from now until 2020, according to Aureus Analytics, and that adds up to 50 times the data in 2020 that we were dealing with in 2015.

That’s a whole lot of data

Many organizations are also tasked with regulatory and compliance requirements to store much of this data in a highly secure manner with the latest encryption algorithms, which is becoming an increasingly complex and expensive proposition — especially if that data needs to be accessible online rather than in offline archival storage.

With data growing in leaps and bounds, enterprises not only face data sprawl (especially in regulated industries), but the spiraling total cost of ownership of that storage is becoming an increasing concern.

Tape is an increasingly outdated technology for archival storage, ill-equipped to handle the requirements of the cloud era. Monolithic storage-area networks (SANs) and network-attached storage (NAS) while still very viable technologies, they’re an expensive way to deal with large amounts of infrequently accessed data, often adding up to an excessively large chunk of overall IT infrastructure spend. JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks) is a popular, more cost-effective option, but it only stores data streams on one disk at a time, so it’s really slow and doesn’t offer redundancy (if a disk is corrupted, all data is at risk).

That’s why object-based storage (OBS) has become an attractive alternative for IT pros looking to manage their growing storage, while keeping costs in line. It’s ideal for archival storage, media-file databasing, content repositories, and infrequently accessed datastores, and exceptionally well suited for Big Data applications in a wide range of industries.

OBS for your organization

OBS allows organizations to store petabytes of data at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage technologies. It offers varying levels of capacity from a small TB sized store up to multi-petabytes (PB) with secure multi-tenancy, available with zero-touch encryption and management APIs. It allows immediate access and long-term file integrity. Plus, organizations can get performance and usage reports to help manage their changing storage requirements.

Zayo’s portfolio of modular cloud services includes managed compute services, security, turnkey disaster recovery, storage and backup services that can be layered to create custom solutions that optimize performance and cost. Zayo Cloud Storage is designed to keep sensitive data secure by using algorithms that split data into unrecognizable ‘slices,’ which are distributed via network connections to secure nodes in Tier III data centers — making it both an efficient and secure solution for data storage.

While there are now quite a few OBS options on the market, most have significant hidden costs like network access charges for private connections, metering of data in and out of the datastore, and overage charges. OBS from Zayo Cloud, however, is available without egress fees, and has a 100 percent predictable cost model. Unique to Zayo, FlexConnect offers secure Layer 2 (Ethernet) bandwidth-on-demand, which means bandwidth can be ordered and provisioned within 30 days on Zayo’s Tranzact platform to meet changing business needs. Best of all, you don’t need to be a zColo, Cloud or Ethernet customer to get OBS. It’s also available over the public internet.

Data volume is expected to grow 40% per year, now until 2020.
(via Aureus Analytics)

By partnering with Zayo for OBS, you get a solution that is:

Thanks to industry-standard APIs such as S3 REST, you can quickly deploy storage at the capacity you need today and, as your storage requirements change, leverage the same APIs to stay in sync.

Our technology requires minimal replication and maintains 100 percent data integrity even if servers or locations are offline. Zero-touch encryption and complete logical isolation for each customer ensure data stays protected. We’ve passed the rigorous audits required to become SOC2 and SSAE16 certified, and also house PCI and HIPAA compliant infrastructures.

At Zayo, we own and operate more than 8.7 million miles of fiber throughout the world, delivering connectivity that’s both secure and reliable. With FlexConnect, Zayo’s commitment-free, usage-based Ethernet, you get freedom from long-term contracts and fixed fees when accessing your data. Now available in more than 300 locations, FlexConnect delivers ample connectivity options while keeping your costs low.

Get Zayo’s object-based storage for your organization.


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