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Arialink Announces Acquisition of Lansing area Fiber Optic Network

Arialink announced today that it completed acquisition and integration of certain network assets and customers of a Lansing based telecommunication provider formerly operating as Waypoint, principally consisting of a 100 mile fiber optic network located in and around Lansing, Michigan.

Arialink intends to use the assets acquired in the transaction to accelerate its deployment of advanced broadband services for commercial and residential consumers including its LightSpeed products, which bring the benefits of fiber optic connectivity to small and mid-sized businesses. Through a direct connection to the LightSpeed network, a business customer bypasses all legacy copper and coax networks offered by the telephone and cable companies. This advancement delivers Internet speeds about 50 times faster than DSL and Cable with the confidence of a future-proof technology and nearly unlimited scalability. LightSpeed products are competitively priced with DSL and Cable counterparts.

Arialink is proud to own and operate Mid-Michigan’s largest competitive last-mile fiber optic network. It is the company’s mission to continue construction of competitive last-mile fiber to every commercial and consumer customer throughout the markets served, eliminating dependence on the legacy telephone and cable networks. Since 2003, the company has completed deployment of over 300 route miles of metro area fiber in Lansing and about 1,000 route miles Statewide

The company connects the largest consumer’s of telecom services in the State, including Auto Owners Insurance, Michigan State University, State of Michigan, and thousands of others. Through wholesale arrangements, its network is used by nearly every competitive telecom carrier (CLEC) operating in mid-Michigan, enabling a rich competitive marketplace for advanced broadband and telephone services that would not exist without the Company’s network.