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Arialink and CBI Partner to Offer Private Cloud Computing Solutions

LANSING — The U.S. Department of Labor released a study revealing 94% of companies fail over a short time after suffering a significant loss of computerized data.  Mid-Michigan’s largest fiber optic service provider and Michigan’s most prestigious cloud computing and technology solution providers are partnering to provide an innovative way to protect businesses from security threats and data loss. This solution offers Mid-Michigan companies Private Cloud Computing: Direct connection and private access to data, applications and email.

This Private Cloud Computing (PCC) solution is customized to meet company specific needs to achieve the functionality of a private data center.  With fast, seamless, secure access to data, applications and email, customers no longer feel the pains of a slow shared connection and unsecure network.

PCC allows companies to have a competitive edge by increasing security measures and complying with new information management regulations.  With email encryption and protected data storage, companies get the speed they demand while meeting civil and legal data compliance standards.

“Companies are faced with three critical technology issues: Security, data loss, and compliance. Our partnership with Arialink provides companies with a Private Cloud Computing solution that helps resolve these issues,” says Douglas Horne, technology director at CBI. “Data is an essential part of a company. It is an asset, and considered their property. The loss of that property can destroy a company in a heartbeat. Whether it’s due to fire, flood or outsiders hacking their way into a company’s network—we have a way to keep that property safe.”

“Together, we take a standard, public cloud computing format and transform it into a private, customized cloud computing solution for our customer—and that customer only,” says Jason Schreiber, president of Arialink. “In addition to the limitless bandwidth and speed of Arialink fiber, outsiders won’t have access to data and applications because it is securely housed at the CBI data center. Companies can now have a fast, direct, private connection to what is rightfully theirs.”

PCC ensures data protection by equipping companies with a data loss prevention strategy, proper backup procedures, and secured access to data and applications on any device, any where at any time. For more information on Private Cloud Computing solutions and the Arialink/CBI Partnership visit www.CBIpartner.com/arialink.