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Minimize Your Chance of Network Disruption: Three Questions You Need to Ask

If you manage a network of any scale, you know that network disruptions come with the territory. Whether it’s an errant construction crew, animals chewing through lines, weather issues or hardware/software glitches, there are many potential sources of trouble.

At Zayo, our top priority is to keep our customers’ data safe, their network secure and their businesses connected. We architect and implement our network to ensure maximum reliability and resilience. Our Network Control Center monitors our networks 24×7, mitigating issues and responding quickly to disruptions.

We also advise our customers to assess the diversity, resilience and cloud connectivity of their current network and take steps now to minimize business disruption in the event of an outage.

Here are three questions to begin that process:

#1—Do I have diversity built into my network infrastructure?

To build diversity into your network infrastructure, you need two independent connections that route between those two locations but do not share common points. If your business needs internet connectivity to support mission-critical applications and workloads, diversity can boost your uptime so a complete outage is avoided. Increasingly, we are seeing customers build triversity and quadversity into their mission-critical networks.

#2—Do I have redundancy built into my network architecture?

Redundancy encompasses having two totally independent means of connecting to the internet. This can be achieved in a number of ways including multiple transport protocols or through multiple network providers. Redundancy provides businesses greater availability of network connectivity.

#3—Do I have direct connections to my cloud service providers?

Direct cloud connections help to provide uninterrupted service to data and workloads stored in clouds such as Google, AWS or Azure. Often businesses rely on a public internet connection to transport their sensitive data to and from the cloud. This type of connection is easily accessible but does not build in either diversity or redundancy. Direct connections can be architected to keep businesses connected to their clouds even in the case of an outage.

Diversity, redundancy and direct cloud connections are nothing new in telecom, but even in 2019, many businesses are not adequately prepared for an outage. In addition to augmenting your network with diverse new routes, here are three solutions to consider.

  • Consider Zayo’s Tier 1 IP Transit Network to build diversity into your network architecture.
    Zayo is the only independent, fully-owned, Tier-1 backbone network in the U.S. with low target utilization. Zayo never over-subscribes and proactively performs network augmentations to ensure low packet loss and latency across the network. If the productivity and success of your business depend on a reliable and quality network, Zayo’s IP Transit solutions can provide needed diversity in an efficient way.
  • Consider Zayo’s SD-WAN solution to support your redundancy needs.
    Integrating Zayo’s secure SD-WAN solution allows you to build in a secondary connectivity protocol using IP-VPN and broadband or LTE.  SD-WAN securely extends private IP-VPN to remote locations using an Internet connection while offering high availability and failover options for your network.
  • Consider Zayo’s CloudLink solution to access your clouds directly.
    Zayo’s CloudLink solution provides reliable, high-performance connectivity directly to your major cloud service providers including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. In the case of an outage, a diverse, direct cloud connection will ensure your mission-critical applications are accessible.

Fiber cuts, flooding, storms and other disasters can, unfortunately, cause network outages.  However, by assessing your current diversity, redundancy and cloud connectivity, your business can be more prepared to stay connected, even in the face of an outage.

After carefully considering your own diversity, redundancy and cloud connectivity reach out to Zayo to ensure the next outage does not bring you down.

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