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Microsoft Airband

Delivering Broadband to Rural Communities

According to the FCC, more than 20 million Americans lack broadband access at threshold speeds.

The challenge of providing fixed or mobile broadband to rural areas is complex. In addition to the technology issues of serving rural and remote areas, the economics related to fixed installation costs for low density populations have historically been prohibitive for providers, even with federal support through the Universal Service and Connect America Funds.

The Microsoft Airband Initiative partners with internet service providers that are using a mix of technologies to close the rural broadband gap. This includes TV white space, which provides an economical wireless solution for rural areas.

As part of Zayo’s partnership with Microsoft Airband Initiative, Zayo will provide backbone fiber solutions for the network. Zayo has deep, dense fiber networks in every major market in the US, which includes Tier 1, 2, 3 and 4 cities. In addition, Zayo’s long haul networks connect multiple markets, traversing rural areas in more than 30 states, either in place or under construction. This infrastructure fuels innovation for the world’s most impactful companies. By partnering with Microsoft for the Airband Initiative, Zayo will enable communications, collaboration and innovation to rural communities.

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