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Introducing the Zayo Data Center Vertical Sales Team

Marcus Anderson

By: Marcus Anderson
Sales Director, Data Centers

We are listening to our data center provider customers and we understand that comprehensive network connectivity solutions, to complement high-performance IT infrastructure, are a requirement in today’s colocation marketplace. We’re introducing the Data Center sales vertical in order to meet the needs of these organizations.

In the past several weeks, we’ve seen data center consolidation trends accelerate with a flurry of M&A activity. The consolidation and re-branding of data center assets have refocused attention in the space as providers introduce advanced solutions to handle increasingly complex and dynamic data sets.   

According to JLL’s 2017 Data Center Outlook, ‘smart data center solutions’ will continue to heat up while operators will be pressed to build more data centers, more quickly and flexibly than before. The forces of edge-to-core solutions drive an industry hyper focused on user experience, low latency, security, resiliency, and the ability to rapidly transfer data workloads within customer and provider campuses and onto public cloud environments. All of this is only possible with high-scale, high-bandwidth connectivity solutions to meet the growing demands of an expanding digital ecosystem.

Connectivity matters: ‘Fiber is the Lifeblood of the Data Center’

Across North America and Europe, Zayo continues to expand its dark fiber footprint with particular focus in the most relevant markets to the Data Center industry. In 2017, Zayo organized its Fiber Solutions segment into regional business units to more effectively develop the network and serve expanding customer needs. Local business development resources now join the sales and product teams to ensure Zayo is as proactive and responsive as ever to emerging opportunities and the collective group has Data Centers as a focus vertical.

Zayo Network Stats:
122,000+ route miles and 10 million fiber miles
1,000+ on net data centers and 30,000+ on net buildings overall
Significant metro fiber presence in key U.S. data center markets: Ashburn, Atlanta, Bay Area, Chicago, Dallas, NY metro, etc.

Wholesale colocation providers see the benefit of our metro dark fiber capacity and reach in key markets to connect their data center campuses to each other and to end-user locations, either using a diverse ring configuration or future proofing with a dedicated high-count cable. Zayo’s ability to add long haul dark fiber or 100G wavelengths solutions across regions further enhances the virtual connectedness value proposition important to the largest content and webscale customers.

Retail colocation providers leverage our ability to connect via dark fiber to key carrier hotels in certain markets while adding our reliable IP and CloudLink services to compete effectively at a local market level as a hybrid capable provider. Our Tranzact marketplace integrates their data center sites into our network to enable easy add on of services and lead generation activity for our customers seeking solutions in their market locations.

Focus matters

Data Center Sales at Zayo is structured to capitalize on the growth of data workloads into and out of colocation facilities across our expansive network. Our team of dedicated sales professionals understands the ecosystem and seeks to add value via a four lever approach:

  • Connectivity for internal network needs
  • Connectivity to enable their end-customer solutions
  • Strategic collaboration with data center providers for their end customers
  • Strategic collaboration with Zayo’s colocation business unit, zColo

As we execute on the four levers, we’re committed to managing to account programmatics of regular customer business reviews, joint marketing opportunities and the integration of our Tranzact marketplace to differentiate our approach. Our team’s data center provider customer focus alongside local fiber solutions business development resources promises new possibilities at an exciting time for the industry.

Marcus Anderson is Sales Director, Data Centers and is responsible for driving strategy and net growth results in the data center vertical via high performance bandwidth products and a dedicated and highly flexible approach to drive mutual success. He can be reached at: marcus.anderson@zayo.com.