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Internships at Zayo

Zayo’s internship program is all about developing promising talent – students who have the academic background and potential to become part of our team after graduation.

This past summer, Zayo hired more than 40 interns from diverse backgrounds pursuing degrees that ranged from engineering to business to law. Recruitment for 2017 summer interns for Zayo’s Boulder and Denver offices begins December 19, and the class is expected to be even bigger. To learn more and apply, please check out Careers on our website.

So, what’s it like to intern for Zayo? Here’s the perspective of one of our 2016 interns, Erin Weed, a University of Denver student who spent 10 weeks as an intern for Zayo’s Data Center Product Management team.

Suite Mulligan: My Summer Internship with Zayo
By Erin Weed

If you told me a year ago that I would be a Zayo intern, I would not have believed you. Last spring, I was a timid freshman studying English at the University of Denver. If you told me that I was going to discover my sub-par golfing skills while interning at Zayo, I would not have believed you either.

After a record-breaking quarter for data center sales, the product team was awarded a day at Fossil Trace Golf Course. I had never golfed before and was feeling anxious playing with the “pros.” Despite my good start then plunge by the 18th hole, I could not help but smile. I was lucky to be on a team with unique and bright individuals. I was lucky to have an internship that challenged me, while also catching me in moments like this. But then again, this was never just an internship. This was a professional and personal three-month journey.

My name is Erin Weed, and I worked with Kyle Borner on the zColo Product Management team in Denver this summer. Although I performed product management duties, my internship morphed into many different roles. Hannah Howard, zColo’s Marketing Manager, gave me the opportunity to expand and customize my internship. She asked me to write the zColo Competitive Intelligence reports each month and embrace marketing zColo. This report would be shared with the entire company.

At first, I was overwhelmed and intimidated by the responsibility, often doubting my abilities. My first report was an immediate success, giving me momentum to dive deeper into the next two. Nothing made me feel more confident than knowing I created something of value for Zayo. I cannot thank Hannah enough for that first opportunity to break out of my shell.

Soon, I was performing my own data center market research and writing a blog post on efficient cooling models. I still remember my first week at Zayo. I could not tell anyone what a CRAC unit or rack was. However, now I am writing marketing and industry trend reports for the colocation market.

Zayo Employee Golf

My internship culminated with a final, self-motivated project: Zayo’s first Intern Case Competition. Nikki Miller, a fellow intern, and I worked endlessly to create Internovate for all Zayo interns in Colorado. Event construction, contingency planning, and developing a case from scratch was far from easy. I wanted every intern to experience the sensation of value creation. Through my work with Hannah and Kyle, I knew there was no better feeling. This inspired me every step of the way, and soon the competition became a reality. I had created this event from start to finish and had never been so proud of myself.

When I reflect on my summer at Zayo, I think of the word “opportunity.” I had the opportunity to learn a lot about “communications infrastructure” directly from company leaders, learn how to work as part of a team, master Excel and Salesforce and build confidence in myself. Most importantly, I was blessed to meet an outstanding group of hard-working, determined professionals who were just as invested in my future as I am. This internship would be incomplete without giving credit where it is due.

Thank you to Kyle Borner, Hannah Howard, Ronnie Cook, Dustin Roy, Marcus Anderson, Greg Friedman, Michael Byers-Norton, Matt Heffernan, Jessica Charlesworth, and Randi Pilon. Now, I need to work on those golf skills!