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Interns Look Forward to a Summer of Learning, Real-World Experience

Zayo’s Class of 37 Summer Interns Contributing in Many Areas of the Business

June marked the launch of the 2019 Zayo Summer Internship program, with 37 new interns participating in an all-day orientation before immersing themselves in work assignments. The 10-week program is focused on providing opportunities for high-potential students to build knowledge and real-world experience.

“I really want to get as much experience as I can! I love finance and spending every day learning more about it,” said Teia Sisauri, a finance intern from the University of Colorado, Boulder.  “I am looking forward to being part of a great team and experiencing some of that amazing Zayo culture everyone talks about!”

This year’s class includes juniors, seniors and recent graduates from universities that include University of Colorado, Colorado State University and the Colorado School of Mines to the University of Oklahoma and University of Tulsa. Thirty interns are based in Boulder/Denver, with seven in Tulsa. Majors range from business, law and psychology to engineering, computer science and cybersecurity.

This year, interns will participate in product lunch ‘n learns, a roundtable with Dan Caruso, a field trip to the data centers in addition to a community volunteer event.

In years past, internships were sometimes regarded as community service or a source of free labor for entry-level work. No longer. Among top-tier tech companies like Zayo, paid internships are highly competitive and serve as an important recruiting tools for companies and interns to make meaningful business contributions.

“Zayo’s internship program is all about developing promising talent – students who have the potential to become part of our team after graduation,” said Shannon Farrar, Zayo’s lead for the internship program. She’s responsible for screening hundreds of résumés, facilitating the competitive selection process and managing all aspects of the program. “We look forward to a fun and productive summer, with a great intern class.”

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