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Insight, Inspiration and Infrastructure: Supporting Austin’s Startup Community

As a startup 10 years ago, Zayo knows what it takes to build a business. One of the first and most important requirements: communications infrastructure.

One aspect of this that is especially important for startups is connectivity. Experts estimate that slow internet represents thousands of dollars of lost productivity each day. Most startups, however, can’t afford their own dedicated internet access. In 2007 when Zayo started, there weren’t many options for high-performance internet. The good news today: many startups are part of accelerators or coworking facilities. Based on our experience, accelerators are bringing in shared bandwidth so startups have access to high-performance internet.

Zayo_SXSW Captial FactoryCapital Factory Now Has Austin’s Best Bandwidth

Zayo has recently partnered with Capital Factory to provide high-performance Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) to all of their members with 4 Gbps of shared bandwidth throughout the space. Capital Factory is the center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Austin, one of the top startup cities in the U.S. Last year more than 90,000 entrepreneurs, programmers, and designers came through Capital Factory’s doors for coworking, classes and meetups, which includes access to Austin’s active network of VC investors.

The high-performance internet is already making a difference. According to Joshua Baer, founder and executive director, Programmers working in big data, video content, and virtual reality need big data pipes to be productive and thanks to Zayo, Capital Factory now has more bandwidth than any coworking or event space in Austin.”

Because of Zayo’s commitment to the entrepreneurial community, its involvement with Capital Factory and the Austin startup community hasn’t ended with the internet installation.  We just returned from SXSW 2017, where we were the gold sponsor of ATX Startup Crawl, which featured a popular stop at Capital Factory. The crawl was more than 12,000 people strong — what a celebration of technology and entrepreneurship.

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Zayo_SXSW booth picture

Zayo will stay involved with Capital Factory and Austin’s startup community throughout the year to share our insights and inspiration  from a decade in business. Look for Zayo at Austin Startup Week, Fall Demo Days, Lunch and Learns, and more.

From an infrastructure perspective, we’ll continue to educate the community about solutions that can help companies scale effectively. In addition to high-performance connectivity, we also offer data center and cloud infrastructure.

Interested in learning more? We’re extending our SXSW offer to “Get Growing” with a free consultation from one of our experts. They’ll talk through your current strategy, business goals and answer any questions you may have — from big picture to highly technical —  to help you determine how to optimize your infrastructure.

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