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Infrastructure for Healthcare Innovation

By: Vanessa Carmean, Senior Manager, Healthcare Strategic Partnerships

We’re living in an era of disruption, with new digital models replacing what was largely an analog world just a few decades ago. The way we work, play, communicate, drive, learn, shop, bank and even date has fundamentally changed, improving lives and democratizing opportunity on a global scale.

Although some would argue that healthcare has been slower to adopt new technologies, nowhere is the transformation more life changing. We’re in the midst of a biomedical revolution, with advances in stem cell medicine and genomics and proteomics offering new models for treatment and prevention. At the same time, a technology revolution has already made wireless wearable sensors, sophisticated medical implants and robotic assistants a reality, with the promise of more amazing devices to come.

Innovation arises at the intersection of these two areas.

Breakthroughs in biomedical knowledge and dramatic advances in technology are fueling innovation that may not be mainstream today but could be fully commercialized by 2020. Some of the exciting innovations in progress: artificial retinas, 3D printing of organs, CRISPR gene editing, and needle free diabetes care.

The challenge for healthcare IT professionals is to manage their organization’s infrastructure for today while future-proofing it for tomorrow. Networks have to support life critical applications and telemedicine at the same time they support the business needs for electronic records and patient portals. Analysis of big data is becoming increasingly important to research and diagnostics. Mobile communications will be even more prevalent than it is now, supporting provider collaboration and real-time patient care.

Resources aren’t unlimited. Regulations are real. Security is a priority.

Our approach to helping healthcare organizations navigate these challenges is similar to a good provider: we listen carefully, analyze your data and work with you to develop a thoughtful, workable HIPAA-compliant solution that meets your need for the long-term (Zayo’s solutions may include HIPAA, SOC 1 Type 2, SOC 2 Type 2, SOC 3, and PCI compliant offerings). It’s one of the primary reasons that 65% of the nation’s top hospitals rely on us for infrastructure that ranges from a high-capacity network upgrade to colocation space for next generation EHR to flexible cloud-based storage and compute.

What innovations are transforming the way you deliver care? How can Zayo’s infrastructure help you meet current and future needs?

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