Yesterday’s network can’t deliver tomorrow’s ideas

The future belongs to the fast and connected

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The only way for businesses to stay ahead of the digital curve is to continuously transform.

  • Respond to changing market conditions faster than your customers
  • Build new business models and revenue streams
  • Create seamless and personalized customer experiences using data and automation

Underpinning this opportunity is your customer’s network, which is where most organizations run into a fundamental roadblock. 
Zayo continues to invest in its network infrastructure, on-demand connectivity, and more – so your customers have the foundation to connect what’s next for their business.

What this means for your customers’ business

Same network, new level of security

Stop data theft and other malicious activities that can impact operations, reputation, and bottom line. We are one of the first communications infrastructure providers to require two-factor authentication for Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) route management in addition to Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) validation.

The result: a high performing, reliable, and secure networking experience.

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Your customers’ network – on demand

Add bandwidth, scale operations, migrate workloads to the cloud, and transfer massive amounts of data. The launch of Waves on Demand enables same-day turn up on our most in-demand routes.

The bottom line: keep up with the demands of your business by easily adding capacity.

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A future-ready network, expanded

New technologies, more data, and changing consumer expectations mean an even greater reliance on the network. And we’re expanding all the time – building new long-haul dark fiber routes and upgrading capacity to support 400G services.

The outcome: more agility, increased productivity, and better user experiences.

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