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IBM Watson + Zayo’s Object-Based Storage: A Match Made in the Cloud

Digital technology has unlocked a fully connected enterprise, which depends on data for most aspects of its business. According to forecasters, the velocity and volume of mission-critical data will only continue to grow. As a result, enterprise IT strategies have become more sophisticated, relying more heavily on cloud centric architectures. Increasingly, enterprises are turning to public cloud providers for a variety of mission-critical business solutions.

At IBM, Watson’s cloud-native AI engine monitors data trends and provides data analysis and visualization. However, using this cognitive technology is computationally intensive, potentially generating significant cloud egress fees. These costs add up quickly when companies are analyzing massive volumes of data on a daily basis, so finding a solution that reduces egress fees is in high demand.

Now thanks to a collaboration between IBM and Zayo, IBM Watson customers now have access to Zayo’s Object-Based Storage (OBS). The solution provides a scalable, cost effective solution built for securely managing changing data needs. This solution offers petabytes of storage at a fraction of the price of traditional storage technologies and there are no egress fees when you access your data over Zayo’s global network.

Demand for Zayo’s OBS solution continues to grow since its introduction last fall. OBS allows organizations to store petabytes of data for big data, analytics, AI, archival and secure backup use cases. It offers varying levels of capacity from a small terabyte-sized store up to multi-petabytes with secure multi-tenancy. The solution is available with zero-touch encryption and management APIs. It allows immediate access even to non-active data that’s been filed in long-term storage.

To keep sensitive data secure, Zayo uses algorithms to split data into unrecognized “slices,” which are distributed via network connections to secure nodes in Zayo’s Tier III data centers. This technology maintains 100% data integrity even if servers or locations are offline [AS5] and requires minimal replication. Zayo has met the rigorous audit standards required to become SOC1, SOC2, and PCI certified, and also provide HIPAA compliant infrastructures.

Manage, store and transform your data into a strategic asset with IBM and Zayo, an IBM Registered Business Partner. On-net customers can purchase Zayo Object-Based Storage with no egress fees through the IBM Marketplace or directly from Tranzact, Zayo’s self service platform.

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