Spread Networks by Zayo Upgrades Wireless Route in Financial Corridor

5Gbps Wireless Offers Ultra-Low Latency between Secaucus and Carteret Data Centres

BOULDER, Colo. – May 8, 2018 – Spread Networks by Zayo (NYSE: ZAYO) today announced upgrades to an ultra-low latency route between 755 Secaucus Road in Secaucus, N.J. (NY4) and 1400 Federal Blvd. in Carteret, N.J. (NY11). The 5Gbps wireless solution provides an improved latency of 90.065us between cabinet demarcation points.

At a line rate of 5Gbps, a 64 byte packet is now processed in 100 nanoseconds, five times faster than competing wireless systems. The route also has approximately five times the bandwidth of a typical low latency wireless network.

Spread’s unique technology utilizes a larger dish on an active gimbal to penetrate adverse weather and optimize signal strength. This system enables a stronger, more robust network that performs with a higher level of reliability than other available solutions on the market.

“Microsecond improvements in network speed can translate to a significant advantage for financial traders,” said Brandon Gouin, general manager of Spread Networks by Zayo. “This route offers the leading commercially available solution between these two key data centres in the financial corridor. With our ultra-low latency fiber route between Mahwah and Secaucus, and Spread’s flagship fiber route between Chicago and New York, we offer traders the lowest end-to-end latency solutions.”

Zayo acquired Spread Networks in February and created a standalone business unit, Spread Networks by Zayo, to build on the company’s strong brand and business model. The company also recently announced expanded global capability from the U.S. to key financial centres in Europe, South America and Asia.

For more information about Zayo’s network, visit zayo.com.

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