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Spread Networks Acquisition FAQ

Spread Networks Acquisition FAQ

What’s the rationale for Zayo’s acquisition of Spread Networks?

The combination of Spread’s ultra low latency (ULL) fibre network, high-speed microwave technology and Zayo’s established fibre footprint will provide customers with a single, best-in-class network with ULL and low latency options. When combined with Zayo’s fibre routes from Seattle to Chicago, customers will benefit from the lowest-latency lit coast to coast network. Additionally, the Spread business, now Spread Networks by Zayo, will explore the addition of other ULL routes and related solutions, based on both fibre and microwave technology.

What is Spread Networks by Zayo?

Zayo is retaining the Spread Networks name, brand and business model. Spread Networks by Zayo will focus exclusively on ULL routes and related specialized products for the financial community and other customers. The business unit will have direct ownership of the full set of functions — including field ops, NOC, engineering, product, business development and finance.

How will this acquisition benefit customers?

This acquisition brings ultra low latency capabilities, both dark fibre and waves, for Zayo customers. Customers will also benefit from Spread’s premium service model. Spread customers will benefit from access to Zayo’s extensive global network and infrastructure, which includes low latency routes across the U.S., our pan-Canadian network and footprint in Western Europe. Additionally, we provide subsea access via coastal landing stations and access to 40 countries through our Global Reach partnerships.

Should Spread Networks customers expect immediate changes?

Generally, no. Spread Networks will maintain its name, brand and customer service approach. There are no immediate changes to contracts, pricing or billing. Over a period of time, these functions will migrate to Zayo’s platform. We’ll be sure to communicate in advance about any changes that impact customers.

How quickly will expanded services be available?

Many solutions are available now. With Zayo’s unique online Tranzact platform, customers may go online, explore our expanded infrastructure, receive a quote and even place an order. Of course, our account representatives and customer care staff are always available to answer questions and provide consultation.

Will my account representative stay the same?

Because Spread Networks and Zayo share many of the same customers, there will be some changes in account assignment. Expect your account representative to reach out to you in the near future. We are committed to provide the same excellent service you have come to expect. In addition, Drake Livingston from Spread will be joining the Zayo team as VP of Business Development.

What else is Zayo planning in terms of ULL?

Zayo is in the process of assessing its own low latency routes, which will complement the Spread network. For example, Zayo already operates a low latency fibre route between 1700 MacArthur Blvd. in Mahwah, N.J. and 800 Secaucus Road outside of New York City. Zayo now also offers the fastest lit route between Chicago and Seattle. Traffic to and from Asia, which connects through cable landing stations in the Pacific Northwest, are also express connected via the combination of Zayo existing fibre routes and the Spread route. Spread Networks by Zayo will also begin evaluating other low latency opportunities, both fibre and microwave, to provide customers with additional options for the fastest, most reliable networks available.

How can I find out what new network/capabilities are available?

Contact sales@zayo.com. You may also live chat with a representative at Zayo.com or visit Tranzact at www.zayo.com, Zayo’s online platform for infrastructure shopping, to view Zayo’s global network.

For more information, view the press release.