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Geo Networks provides London footprint for Swedish media giant Teracom

Today, Geo Networks Ltd (Geo), a leading provider of dedicated fibre networks, welcomed Swedish media service provider Teracom as its fifth customer connected to Chiswick Park within a year.

Teracom distributes radio and TV content to 99.8% of Swedish households and provides infrastructure and network solutions to broadcasters across the whole of Scandinavia. It has selected a dark fibre and co-location package from Geo, which provides every customer with a pair of dedicated fibres, available either as dark fibre or as the platform of a managed network. The dedicated fibre will provide Teracom with an infrastructure solution to distribute its customer’s platform from Chiswick Park across Scandinavia via Global Switch 2 in London’s Docklands.

In order to provide optimum reliability to its customer, Teracom selected a dedicated fibre network which provides full duality and diversification of both equipment and fibre. As with an increasing number of organisations, Teracom opted for a dark fibre network in order to retain maximum control over its infrastructure. It will now effectively own its own network, lighting multiple 1Gb/s, 10Gb/s or even 100Gb/s services, whenever its own demands increase or its customers require extra capacity. Unlike most organisations that purchase fibre on shared platforms, these private multi-gigabit services can be available in just a few days, as opposed to the industry standard lead time of 12 weeks. This allows Teracom to scale rapidly and at minimal cost.

“In a competitive tender situation, Geo stood out in both its historic network reliability figures and in its willingness to provide dark fibre so that we can manage our own network,” said Magnus Rosenberg, Director, Sales and Marketing at Teracom. “However Geo’s most attractive network feature is its location. Geo actually took us down into the sewers, fifteen metres below the streets, to see how robust the whole fibre network is. It was an unusual but wholly reassuring experience to see first-hand how secure our traffic, and that of our customers, will be.”

“Teracom is a fantastic addition to our growing media customer base. It is a typical example of the progressive media organisations that are seeing the obvious benefits of dedicated fibre for future scalability,” said Will Pitt, Head of Media at Geo. “We’re seeing continued interest from broadcasters, service providers and content delivery network providers who require a scalable, resilient network – essentially any organisation that needs to send ultra-high bandwidth data with zero compromise to quality. It’s also exciting to see so many organisations moving away from traditional shared platform services and now opting for dedicated fibre networks that they can manage themselves.”