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Geo Networks deploys new Dockland Express network, demonstrating customer service commitment

Geo Networks Ltd (Geo), the leading provider of dedicated fibre networks, today announced the deployment of a new express route which will provide diverse connectivity between the City of London and Docklands Telehouses. The move demonstrates Geo’s commitment to serving the critical Docklands geography, as the company continuously expands its network to provide its growing customer base with the best possible connectivity options.

The new 432 fibre count express cable will complement Geo’s existing network, enabling the company to meet demand for critical data networking across London. The expansion to the metro network in London’s Victorian sewers offers a more direct, lower latency route with the additional benefits of simple, faster and more cost-effective provisioning.

“Our business proposition is unique and we strongly believe that with our market-leading customer service, based around support and flexibility, we have a winning strategy. We place significant focus on customer experience and welcome the opportunity to listen to requirements so that we can always strive to meet customers’ needs and build out our network in line with demand,” said Chris Smedley, Chief Executive at Geo. “As part of our strategy to deliver unrivalled service and continuous improvement, we regularly undertake surveys with our customers, providing feedback across all areas of the business.”

The results of the recent ‘Voice of the Customer’ survey showed 100% satisfaction with performance of Geo’s Network Operation Centre and the quality of documentation delivered. The Geo.Metrics service, which provides regular updates to customers about the performance of their network, received particular praise. In addition, 98% of respondents were satisfied with network security and scalability, Geo’s ability to provide solutions to meet their needs, customer service and in-life performance. 59% confirmed that Geo offers better lead times than its competitors.

The company has recently expanded its Customer Service team with the appointment of James Bird into the new role of Head of Customer Services. Bird is tasked with managing the whole customer lifecycle, and delivering customers with the best possible service and support. He brings a wealth of expertise, including 20 years in the telecoms industry and nine years in Customer Service; having worked as Director of Customer Services as Hibernia Atlantic and Senior Service Manager at Easynet Global Services.

Bird said, “Geo’s customers all have bespoke services and we take a proactive approach to supporting their requirements through the whole lifecycle, from designing the network through to tailoring customer support. This high touch engagement gives customers a clear view of the performance of their network and the success of this approach is reflected in the pleasing survey results and our extremely low churn levels.”