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EdgeCast selects Geo Networks to deploy new London content delivery infrastructure

Geo Networks (Geo), a provider of high-performance fibre networks, today announced that EdgeCast Networks, the world’s fastest and most reliable content delivery network (CDN), has chosen Geo’s dark fibre to deploy a new London infrastructure for transferring media files and applications to its ISP customers. The win marks significant expansion in the media and broadcast sector for Geo.

This two year deal sees Geo provide a highly resilient, low-latency network directly between EdgeCast data centres in London. Three fibre pairs, one of which is a diverse route, connect the Telecity sites in Docklands, with a fourth route travelling to Telehouse East.

“Having reviewed other fibre network provider offerings, we chose Geo because its network aligns perfectly with our requirements. The digital content explosion means that web users are consuming an increasingly broad range of media and this is driving a significant demand for bandwidth for CDNs,” said Mike Kleiman, CFO at EdgeCast. “The Geo network enables us to confidently transfer content to our customers with the knowledge that it is secure and will be delivered quickly to their end users. Geo’s historic high network availability levels were a key consideration.”

Innovatively routed via the London sewer system, the Geo-managed network offers EdgeCast a cost-effective, dedicated infrastructure that guarantees its data is carried separately from other carrier routes. This ensures fast content delivery and zero traffic congestion, which is essential for meeting the demanding needs of the company’s more than 4,000 customers, who require optimal rich media content without delay.

“As people continue to consume prolific media of all types, CDNs are faced with the challenge of delivering content faster than ever. Our network offers a unique solution which ensures security, reliability and speed.” said Caroline Ward, Group Director of Sales at Geo. “This is the second large CDN client we have signed in this sector and we are continuing to see demand from similar companies looking for ways to deploy London-based or national infrastructures for content delivery.”

This win compliments Geo’s existing clients in the sector including US-based Limelight.