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Neutral Path Acquisition FAQ

Neutral Path Acquisition FAQ

What’s the rationale for Zayo’s acquisition of Neutral Path?

The combination of Neutral Path’s regional high-count fibre network with Zayo’s established global network will provide customers with an expanded North American network, with more access to key markets and improved options for diversity. The acquisition adds 452 owned route miles, plus additional leased route miles, to Zayo’s extensive North American network — high quality fibre to support multi-city dark fibre and fibre-based lit solutions.

How will this acquisition benefit customers?

Customers will benefit from access to Zayo’s extensive global network and infrastructure, which includes diverse and low-latency routes across the U.S., our pan-Canadian network and footprint in Western Europe. Additionally, Zayo owns and operates 50 data centres and has access to thousands of other buildings and facilities. Additionally, we provide subsea access via coastal landing stations and access to 40 countries through our Global Reach partnerships.

Current Zayo customers will benefit from multi-city dark fibre and fibre-based lit solutions from Minneapolis into Omaha, extending to Denver, Kansas City, Chicago and other major markets. Neutral Path’s 452-mile fibre footprint enables three owned diverse fibre routes out of Minneapolis, Chicago and Omaha.

Should Neutral Path customers expect immediate changes?

All existing contracts will stay in place and Zayo’s commitment is to provide the same excellent level of service Neutral Path customers have come to expect. Zayo will work closely with the Neutral Path team as operations are integrated into Zayo, a process that begins immediately. We’ll be sure to communicate in advance about any changes that impact customers.

Who do I contact for service?

Neutral Path’s customer support will transition to the Global Network Control Centre at Zayo, which provides 24x7x365 service and support.

Phone-Based Support:


Email Based Support:



Technical Support/Escalation Contact List:

Zayo Escalations Contact List

How quickly will expanded services be available?

Many solutions are available now. With Zayo’s unique online Tranzact platform, customers may go online, explore our expanded infrastructure, receive a quote and place an order. Of course, our account representatives and customer care staff are always available to answer questions and provide consultation: 866.364.6033.

Will my account representative stay the same?

Members of the Neutral Path team are joining the Zayo team effective at the close. However, there will be some changes in account assignment. Expect your account representative to reach out to you in the near future.

How can I find out what new network/capabilities are available?

Contact sales@zayo.com. You may also live chat with a representative at zayo.com or visit tranzact.zayo.com, Zayo’s online platform for infrastructure shopping, to view Zayo’s global network.

For more information, view the press release.