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How Zayo is Fueling Growth and Innovation for Bare Metal Cloud Provider

Migration to the cloud is the defining technology trend of our time, according to Jacob Smith, co-founder and CMO of Packet, a New York-based bare metal cloud provider and Zayo customer.

“There is obviously a huge shift towards cloud and I like to say cloud isn’t about virtualization or multi-tenancy or any of these other technology implementations. It is really about automation,” said Smith. “This is what companies are mainly focused on doing. They want the agility that comes with automation. That is what allows you to move faster.”

Packet has designed its business model to meet this need, providing bare metal automation platforms. Its solutions provide developers with direct access and granular control of both physical compute as well as network resources, enabling them to extract more value from their infrastructure.

Packet’s customers fall into two general groups: cloud natives who are scaling rapidly and those who are just ramping up, typically traditional enterprises that are looking for those benefits that you get from fully automated infrastructure. Packet’s expansion requires infrastructure in both metro areas and, increasingly, at the edge of the network.

To serve its growing customer base, Packet relies on Zayo for both colocation and connectivity solutions. Zayo is a partner for two different aspects of Packet’s business: for colocation side in a number of markets and on the connectivity side, both nationally and internationally. “Zayo gives us the flexibility to tell our customers ‘We can go anywhere’ and service you,’” Smith noted.

Watch the video to learn more about how Packet is partnering with Zayo to grow its business.