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Helix: Relying on Zayo’s Big Bandwidth for DNA Testing and Tools

With Helix, the future is now. No longer must health, wellness and other personal decisions be made in the dark. With the power of more than 30 million genomic markers, derived from a simple saliva sample, Helix is able to provide insights into a person’s genetic makeup and make personalized recommendations.

Precision health has never been more accessible and more actionable. A hereditary medical condition is no longer a foregone conclusion. In many cases an informed, highly tailored decision-making process can help prevent or lessen the impact of such conditions.

Business Challenge:

Today, the Helix store includes over 35 different products from more than 20 partners, all of which help you make sense of and leverage your DNA. That number will grow to more than 50 products by year-end with major launches from Mayo Clinic and Perkin Elmer, partners of Helix. Each product is evaluated by the Helix scientific team and must meet the requirements of the company’s Scientific Evidence Evaluation (SEE) process, which evaluates the underlying scientific content and claims of each partner product. Helix’s vision is to be the one-stop shop for DNA testing and tools and will, over time, sequence the entire genome.

“Providing affordable, accessible solutions for the average consumer to make empowered decisions about their health is our vision at Helix,” says Chris Glode, Chief Product Officer at Helix. Less than 20 years ago, genome sequencing cost $95 million per person. Now it’s around $100 per person, enabling more than 20 million individuals to have complete genome sequencing.

Glode adds “Zayo is the type of partner that will help us facilitate this continued growth as access to personalized genetics and DNA sequencing become increasingly accessible and leveraged within the medical community.”

This accessibility positions Helix for major growth.

With this vision, and the mission to “Empower every person to improve their life through DNA,” Helix relies on secure, fast, scalable storage and interconnectivity. Once a person sends in their genetic sample it is stored for future use. There is no need for the person to have their DNA sequenced again, whether by a general practitioner or medical specialist – it can all be accessed through Helix’s platform. Ensuring this storage is secure and accessible to only authorized parties is critical.


That’s where Zayo comes in. Through direct internet access and private cloud connections, Zayo empowers Helix with the speed, connectivity and security to provide accurate, timely and protected results. “Zayo’s throughput, reliability and scalability were key factors in selecting them as a technology partner,” Glode said.

Because of the seasonal fluctuations in genetic testing, and Helix’s aggressive growth model,  they needed a connectivity partner that was able to accommodate their cyclical bandwidth needs.

Zayo offers scalability, whether seasonal or from one business location to another. “We believe in empowering our customers through tailored and highly flexible communications architecture. Businesses in high growth mode need the flexibility to access bandwidth on demand across their locations and need the ability to consume bandwidth on their terms. This is just one of many reasons high growth startups look to Zayo for their communication infrastructure needs,” said Phil Mottram, Zayo’s Chief Customer Officer.

When it comes to genomics companies, advances in DNA sequencing technology have made genomic analysis more efficient and cost effective. As a result, genomics is beginning to be used more widely for personalized treatment. Because every sequenced genome requires extensive computational resources and generates large amounts of data, the bandwidth and infrastructure requirements are substantial.

Helix is innovating at the confluence of technology, science and design, and Zayo is dedicated to helping them achieve this vision.