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Colorado Governor’s Citizenship Award Inspires Community Engagement


By: Rachael Donaldson
VP of People. Culture. Brand.

I’m proud to announce that Zayo is the inaugural recipient of the Colorado Governor’s Citizenship Medal for corporate citizenship. It’s an honor to be counted among Colorado’s high impact business leaders, including philanthropist Daniel L. Ritchie, Craig Smith of HomeAdvisor, mayor John Suthers of Colorado Springs and Nancy Phillips of ViaWest.

The medal itself says it all—each one is hand tooled and unique. Crafted by Leadville artist Colin McFee, the medal showcases Mt. Elbert, Colorado’s highest peak. The mountain is an apt metaphor for our respective journeys in business: success depends on high goal setting, teamwork, dedication and overcoming unexpected obstacles. 

In Zayo’s case, it’s been an exciting journey. Dan Caruso and a small team founded Zayo in Colorado nine years ago – and it’s certainly proven to be the right decision to support our rapid growth. Our state a great place to live and work, cultivating and attracting top talent with a built-in mindset to pay it forward.

Thanks to strong leadership across the state, excellent universities and a thriving collaboration between public and private sectors, Colorado leads the nation in business climate, labor supply, availability of investment capital and a highly educated workforce.

Zayo Colorado Citizenship Award

Zayo Awarded With Governor’s Citizenship Award

Where are our community efforts focused?

Developing talent at the source.

We work with the Colorado STEM Initiative and Denver Schools of Science and Technology, Women’s Foundation of Colorado, and the STEM Coalition to support students, especially girls, who have an interest in science and technology. We also support college students and professionals through our work with the University of Colorado, University of Denver, Greenhouse Scholars, Computer Science Education Week and the Colorado Technology Association to further cultivate young talent into an innovative and engaged workforce.

Giving start-ups a leg up.

We play a leadership role in Colorado’s startup community with incubators and supporters like Galvanize, Mergelane, House of Genius, Built In Colorado and Startup weeks in Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins and Colorado Springs.

Prioritizing entrepreneurship.

We teach and support entrepreneurship programs at local universities, to help provide the skills and resources necessary to start and build a business. We also help lead Colorado’s entrepreneurial ecosystem through organizations like Silicon Flatirons and our involvement with the area’s venture capital firms.

Community engagement and dialogue

Our THRIVE series invites the community to our offices for meaningful dialogue on relevant topics, and we support community engagement on technology and diversity issues.

Making our presence known.

We maintain a strong presence anywhere else innovation has taken root. Zayo has material partnerships with NCWIT, SheSays and the Wild Summit/University of Colorado and Startup Colorado.

That’s just the beginning. As we continue to grow, and as Colorado’s workforce continues to get more competitive, we believe in working with Colorado’s government and business leaders to propel the state’s position as a national leader in growth, innovation and economic development. Because “good citizenship” doesn’t mean only financial support and a logo at an event, it means an authentic commitment to inspire and support the next generation of innovators and leaders.

If you’re ready for a new level of involvement in 2016, take on an initiative that supports curious minds— teach, inspire, mentor, lead, contribute. Here’s how you can get involved with the organizations we actively support: