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The Biggest Box Office Hit Ever Underscores Our Evolving Consumption of Content

Disney once again captured headlines this week when Avengers: Endgame finally overtook Avatar as the most successful movie ever by box office receipts. Admittedly, it took a re-release of the movie while the original was still showing in theaters, but for the fans, it was a chance to see their favorite characters on the big screen again. Streaming of the film is scheduled to begin next month and will further boost sales. The blockbuster is another example of how the way we consume films, TV and music is continuing to evolve.

Over the last 18 months, established players like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Apple have signaled their intention to boost their streamed content output significantly. Indeed, Apple has recently announced three new streaming apps to specifically cater to music, TV and podcast segments rather than housing all through their traditional iTunes service.

In the UK, the communications regulator Ofcom stated in its 2018 Media Nations report that spending on streaming services outstripped that of traditional TV services for the first time. In the adjacent music market, spending on streaming services also exceeded physical sales for the first time.

The problem becomes even more acute when the content being streamed is live–for example sports events–as there is no opportunity to cache pre-recorded content at the edge in anticipation of peak demand. There are other variables that affect streaming performance such as customer device capability, wifi signal and the quality of the local network which are outside of the streaming provider’s direct control. This can lead to a distinctly sub-optimal experience for customers who discover through Twitter that the winning goal, touchdown or run has been scored, rather than through the streaming service they’ve paid for.

However, content providers can control the speed and quality of the core network carrying the content, and that’s where Zayo can help.

We’re already an integral part of the creative industry ecosystem, helping many content producers move large, HD video files around globally as part of the production, post-production and editing process. Further, we’re helping many content owners by building their own content distribution networks and streaming platforms, ensuring quality and ownership of the customer experience.

All this is powered by our dark and lit fiber solutions, which deliver leading-edge speeds up to 100G. Our dense fiber networks in North America and Europe, plus our Global Reach capability means we can deliver this content at the same high-quality speed globally. Zayo’s Media Network Solutions are uniquely positioned to provide dedicated live video transport (including uncompressed video) and channelized content access. In conjunction with our 55 data centers and cloud platform, we can provide a custom delivery network that will always save the day.

We don’t make great movies, but we can help you deliver a viewing experience fit for a superhero.

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