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Four Reasons to Consider Zayo’s Media Networks for Content Access and Delivery

Access and Deliver Content Via a Custom, Reliable and Economic Solution by Leveraging Zayo’s Fiber Network

Content owners and distributors rely on transport providers like Zayo to deliver television channels from their source to distributors’ operational facilities. It’s a crucial but sometimes overlooked piece of the operational chain that brings television channels and other content to a consumer’s home.

At Zayo, we understand the importance of infrastructure for the broadcasting ecosystem. When transporting content, capacity, low latency and reliability are key for all providers—content owners, over-the-top (OTT) platforms and multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs). More and more companies are switching to terrestrial solutions to bypass satellite delivery services that struggle with bandwidth limitations, often suffer from video compression and experience latency issues.

Zayo’s Media Networks is able to provide distributors with high bandwidth, low latency access to premium television channels aggregated on our network—and connect television channels to a range of distributors. Our differentiator is our wholly owned fiber network, with more than 12 million optical fiber miles that extend across the U.S., Canada and Western Europe. Zayo’s high-capacity, high-performance fiber network is on-net at more than 200 key media locations and grants direct access to more than 100 linear channels.

Here are four additional reasons to consider using Zayo’s Media Network for content access and delivery:

  1. Quality of Service: Connect to Zayo’s owned and operated fiber network and immediately tap into a variety of MVPDs, OTT platforms and broadcast networks. From fiber to IP, delivery and distribution solutions are available that feature up to 100% QoS, zero packet loss and hitless switching on diverse or protected routes.
  2. Scalability: For content providers, Zayo’s ability to take a feed from a single handoff and replicate it for delivery to multiple end-points provides a simplified and cost-effective solution. For MVPDs and OTT platforms, over 100 channels are already available on Zayo’s Media Network and quickly accessible. Let Zayo act as your one-stop shop for any content delivery need.
  3. VNCC Support: Our Video Network Control Center (VNCC) team in Tulsa, Oklahoma, monitors your feed around the clock. They work directly with content providers and distributors in order to maintain SLAs and the high quality you expect and deserve. In addition, you and your team are able to directly contact Zayo’s VNCC at any time for troubleshooting support.
  4. Access to Zayo Suite of Solutions: Customers have the added value from Zayo’s reliable live video technology with the ability to utilize Zayo’s full suite of connectivity solutions including dark fiber and lit solutions, and cloud and data center solutions at our on-net locations. Need on-site dedicated internet access for your IP video solution or temporary connectivity at a venue for your broadcast event? Zayo’s got you covered.

Interested in learning more? Look for us at NAB or contact Desmond Gallahue, director, Business Development @ desmond.gallahue@zayo.com