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Secure & Scalable Infrastructure for the FinTech Ecosystem

Hybrid Infrastructure Solutions

With the growth of big data, machine learning and the Internet of Things, the financial industry is learning how to safely adapt these new technologies to bring banking, payments, insurance and lending experiences to the next generation. Zayo’s high-performance connectivity, secure colocation and flexible cloud infrastructure provides the foundation you need to ensure the secure transport of your critical customer data and deliver the digital customer experience your users have come to expect.

Zayo Solutions for Blockchain

Global connectivity, cryptocurrency-specific mining colocation, and virtualized private blockchain technology allow you to unleash the power of decentralized networking and Web 3.0 applications.

Mining Colocation

Deploy small to large-scale mining operations in a hydro-electric powered data center tailored specifically to cryptocurrency mining. With Zayo’s expertise in building, maintaining and operating data centers across the world, you can leverage zColo for top-tier ASIC and GPU mining environments, at the highest margins possible.

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Blockchain as a Service

Zayo has partnered with the major cloud service providers to combine private Ethereum-based blockchain environments with Zayo’s global connectivity solutions. Utilizing Zayo’s existing Cloud infrastructure, we are able to offer virtualized Ethereum nodes hosted in some of the most secure data centers across the globe. Maintain complete control and the highest levels of security over your private, decentralized ledger, and access the global connectivity you need to reach users in 390 markets.

Pan-European Solutions

In the face of Brexit, Zayo’s transatlantic capabilities, together with our pan-European network and data center infrastructure allow you to stay prepared if and when London’s position as the European financial hub changes. Stay connected with Europe’s financial ecosystem outside of the UK and ensure you have the right infrastructure location strategies in place to ensure business continuity in a post-Brexit environment.

Explore Zayo’s Solutions

Our customers in the financial community are increasingly looking for ways to be nimble and scalable to accommodate the shift towards on-demand digital access to all applications. Zayo’s high performance infrastructure solutions provide that flexibility while maintaining the highest levels of performance and security required to protect personal financial data.




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