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DEMANDWIDTH: How Communications Infrastructure is Powering Innovation

Technology has changed our world, and continued innovation will shape the future in more amazing ways. The common denominator underpinning advances in healthcare, computing, media and more? It’s the need for communications infrastructure to meet the seemingly limitless demand for bandwidth.

With its global fiber network and portfolio of data centers, Zayo is well positioned to meet the accelerating need for high-capacity fiber and high-performance infrastructure to power future innovation.

That’s the key takeaway of Dan Caruso’s presentation “Demandwidth,” which he shared at Metro Connect USA in January – and with a group of Denver business professionals last month.

Notable trends shaping the future:

Big Data
With today’s powerful sensors and computers, it’s now possible to measure nearly everything – from agricultural data to factory floor KPIs to personal vital signs. Massive volumes of data are already being sent, stored and analyzed, leading to insight and innovation in many fields.

Immersive Media
4K TV and high definition streaming (over-the-top TV) can already deliver incredible fidelity and a dynamic viewing experience. Today, only about 20 percent of homes have the minimum bandwidth required for 4K. Upgrades will require a high-capacity fiber backbone and fiber to the curb. Virtual games and esports, growing in popularity, also require low latency for real-time response. 

Mobile & Satellite
From digital wallet to drones to driverless cars, progress in mobile and satellite technology will continue to transform our daily lives. What many people don’t realize: these technologies require a significant terrestrial infrastructure, which Zayo provides today with backhaul, fronthaul and small cell solutions.

3D Printing
Making 3D objects from data files is no longer a novelty. The technology is in use in manufacturing for the automotive and aviation industries, among others. But perhaps the most exciting advances will come in biotech, where work is well underway to use 3D printing for tissue applications, including skin and organs.

Quantum Teleportation/Computing
While we can’t teleport objects or people (yet), scientists have already used the principles of quantum entanglement to teleport information. How? Over fiber, with a 100 kilometer, record-setting event last fall. Quantum computing relies on a series of qubits rather than the binary bits. These technologies have the potential to dramatically transform complex computations and data analysis in ways we can only imagine today.

With communications infrastructure powering both immediate and longer-term innovation, the demand for infrastructure, or “demandwidth” should continue into the foreseeable future. Zayo is committed to delivering infrastructure solutions that provide the foundation for innovation around the globe.

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