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Technical Support

If you are experiencing service difficulty, please call Zayo’s Network Control Center. Our team is available 24 hours a day to assist you with any technical issues.

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Contact Information

Network Control Center & Repair


Escalation List

Service Experts

866.364.6033, option 4

Cloud Service Desk

(Servicing legacy Latisys zColo and Zayo Cloud customers)

Access Zayo Cloud Portal >

zColo Technical Support Desk


NCC Approach

Proactive NCC Management and Communication

  • Zayo communicates Hazardous Condition (HAZCON) Levels to the customer and will provide significant updates based upon the level of the event
  • Email confirming the case was created and includes the case number
  • Communication of network risks to internal and external parties
  • Regular case updates sent via email or phone to the customer’s NOC contact

Network Surveillance

  • 24x7x365 monitoring of Zayo network facilities and electronics
  • Proactively identify network faults and associated customer services

Network and Customer Repair

  • “Fix it fast” mentality for network impairments to prevent potential outages
  • Two hour target TTR for events impacting protected services
  • Four hour target TTR for unprotected services
  • Internal escalation to inform sales and executives of significant customer issues