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Alliance Program

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At Zayo we value our partners, and we believe they should be rewarded for working with us. Zayo’s expanded Alliance Program is designed to do just that. Our Alliance Program incentive includes a monthly residual payout, not just a one-time referral bonus. It’s a win for your customers and a win for you.

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Registered partners can also take advantage of Zayo’s Partnership Training, Zayo’s in-person product suite training for internal sales and product teams. These training sessions are now free to all of our partners.

How Zayo’s Alliance Program Works:

  1. Email allianceprograms@zayo.com to sign up as a Partner to become eligible
  2. Start working on new opportunities by submitting an Alliance Program Deal Registration form
  3. Zayo’s Alliance Program Specialists will help you do all the work—from contacting your deal submitter to determine opportunity avenue to building a customizable trusted solution that works for your end user
  4. When the deal submission customer purchases the service, you receive a monthly residual payout based on the MRR and Partner Payout Tier
  5. Enjoy the benefits and incentivize your teams!

To talk to an Alliance Partner specialist or to become a partner, email allianceprograms@zayo.com or call 866.364.6033.

Alliance Program with Residual Payout Option Details

Partnership Resell:

  • Alliance Program—new opportunity, opportunity is managed by Partner from end to end

Partnership Referral:

  • Register a lead and Zayo will manage the opportunity from end to end
  • Referral must be a new opportunity (i.e. Zayo not already working on it)

All recurring residual payouts are based on the corresponding MRR tier of the partner as stated in the Rules of Engagement.

Zayo Alliance Program Products

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