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Channel Partners

With Zayo’s Channel Partner program you can maximize your opportunities by:

  • Getting second-to-none sales and technical support
  • Obtaining competitive margins and recurring revenue streams
  • Leveraging sales and marketing tools to help you win business
  • Using Tranzact, our self-service online platform, to get quotes, shop for bandwidth and manage existing solutions

Already a Zayo Channel Partner? Access the Zayo Protected Accounts list below. For new and returning user needing login assistance, please contact our team for help.

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Zayo’s protected accounts list is comprised of companies that Zayo direct employees focus on and have long-term relationships deeply established. Channel Partners are restricted from selling Zayo solutions to this list of accounts.

In all other areas, partnering with Zayo in the broader market could not be any easier. Zayo looks to form partnerships where our Channel Partners + Zayo = Value Creation. 1+1 = 3. There are no restrictions in the broader market, and Zayo Channel Partners thrive in an “Ink Wins” environment.

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